The First Step…

Ok, so I don’t really know the first thing about blogging BUT I’m taking my first tentative steps into what I guess is called the blogosphere in an attempt to fill a void that was recently pointed out to me in a popular roller derby-centric podcast: the ongoing search for fast yet healthy snacks for derby girls.  We’ve all been there…get up, work out, go to work, make it to practice, make it THROUGH practice, then go home and now what?  Exhausted and starving, that bag of Doritos looks really good.  Nachos, anyone?

Yeah, no good.  So, work with me here…I’m spending the next year or so balancing work and derby with school as I make my way to being a certified health coach, and as I go I’d like to share some of the rad tips and recipes I’m learning with derby girls (and anyone else, for that matter) across the land who, like me, are looking to eat and feel better but who still have a schedule to keep and don’t always have the time to fuss with cooking fancy schtuff that–in theory–sounds great and makes you feel healthier just by reading about it…but might not necessarily be practical.

I entreat you to be patient…this is, after all, a learning process for me, also. But I am looking forward to it; if the last three months have been any indication, I am going to be learning tons of cool, new “healthy schtuff” that I can’t wait to pass on to all the cool folks out there who want to fuel their derby addiction in a way that doesn’t involve nachos…

2 thoughts on “The First Step…

  1. Sarah, you are rockin’ this blogs socks off!! I love it. Thanks for all the wonderful snack tips…I promise to start eating healthier tomorrow! 🙂

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