Where Does All the Time Go…

So, I have to start by sending an apology to those of you who are following this, and who have been waiting patiently for more nutritional tidbits from me…things have been a little crazy lately and I have had very little time for blogging, let alone trying cool new stuff to share with you.  The even more unfortunate side of this is that as we move into summer, I begin my fire season and have even less time for extra stuff.  However, I promise to try to keep on the ball and keep the tips coming, even through the thick of the fight…I find the fire season a challenging time to stay healthy and find it nearly impossible to eat well, and so am looking forward to having this blog as a set of sideboards to keep me on the straight and narrow as I try to find new stuff to tell all of you about!

Anyway.  I hope you are still with me.  I have had tons of fun doing this, and look forward to more posts!


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