Black Bean Bliss

Most of us know black beans are good for us.  As a healthy alternative in tacos and burritos, or a tasty addition to huevos rancheros, they make life just a little better.

Not only do they taste good, they do some great stuff for your body.  The high protein and fiber content help move food through your system, keeping your digestive tract healthy.  They help regulate your blood sugar, and contribute to your cardiovascular health with all the soluble fiber they contain.  They  also have a ton of folate (vitamin B6), which is important for  your nervous system; in addition, black beans contain lots of iron, which is particularly important for pregnant and menstruating women.

So, all this being said, I felt like finding this week’s simple, healthy recipe for black bean hummus was a tiny victory.

[Side note: I tend to get on food trends, where I find one or two things and then make them obsessively for weeks, until I find something else; for the last few weeks, this has been different varieties of hummus, or chickpeas in sundry forms.]


This black bean variation of hummus kind of made me do a little happy dance; I love chickpeas and all, but this seemed like a great way to get all the benefits of black beans and satisfy my craving for little snacky things during the day.  This way, I could munch on carrots or gluten-free crackers in the afternoon, or ease my post-practice hunger late at night without feeling waaaay guilty.


So try this out.  I actually added a little cumin (ok, a lot of cumin…but I love the stuff) and some paprika, but this is totally up to you.

Black Bean Hummus


1 can organic black beans, drained
1 T. tahini
2 garlic cloves, crushed
Juice of 1 lemon
2 T. olive oil.
Cayenne pepper, to taste
Sea salt, to taste

–Combine all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender, and combine until smooth.

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